Alabama Design Summit: Video

Can designers do more than make things pretty? We think so! Design adds visualization and prototyping to a normal development process. This combination focuses on people and gives design thinking the potential to provide innovative solutions to common complex social problems. Engine worked with AIGA to test the design summit concept as a means to providing local leaders and designers with an opportunity to work together to improve their communities.

To learn more about how we did that, please watch the Alabama Design Summit Video. Enjoy!

The Alabama Design Summit was organized in partnership with AIGA as part of their new social innovation initiative called Design for Good. The Alabama Design Summit served as a pilot program for future regional Design Summits. Learn more at AIGA:Design for Good.

This video was sponsored by AIGA and created by The Perenials Project. Learn more and consider supporting them at -Perennials are people working across complex generational, professional, class and other cultural boundaries.



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